The first HK Kindergarten to adopt the Finnish Fun Learning approach.
Sky Wide International Kindergarten & Playschool is founded by a group of renowned educators, from within Hong Kong and overseas. We adopt the experiential, child-centred methodology of world leader, Finland. Young children learn most effectively in a stress-free but stimulating environment, which gives them the best possible start to becoming lifelong learners.

We welcome students of all nationalities as we aim to build a truly international education community. A highly qualified, committed and capable professional team of Principal and teachers will nurture and celebrate every child’s unique potential and character, enabling our students to successfully secure a place in well-respected primary schools, either local or international.

We have a contractual relationship with Fun Academy, a famed Finnish education organisation, to implement their highly successful approach to education here in Hong Kong. Mr. Jari Sinkari, the Consul General of Finland in Hong Kong and Macau, fully endorses this collaboration. We have had meaningful exchanges of educational ideas and practice with Mr. Sinkari, together with Fun Academy representatives.

Sky Wide International Kindergarten & Playschool is the first and only kindergarten in Hong Kong to adopt the learning through play approach, which has consistently secured Finland’s place as a world leader in international comparisons of school results. Finnish education experts will work closely with our teaching staff in professional and curriculum development to ensure that we offer the very best of their country’s outstanding practice within the Hong Kong context.

As a centre of excellence in Early Childhood Education, to fully enhance the learning potential of our students, we also adopt the advanced air purification technology developed in Finland. The controlled distribution of clean and fresh air will complement the stimulating and caring environment, designed to allow every child to take their learning performance to the highest level.

芬蘭幼兒教育 扎根天越創思
天越創思國際幼稚園、幼兒學校由本港一群知名教育家創辦。我們實施「從 遊戲中學習」的芬蘭教學方法,期望兒童能在沒有壓力、充滿樂趣的環境下有 效學習。本校歡迎不同國籍兒童就讀。校長、教師充滿教學熱誠及具備高度專 業能力,致力為每位兒童提供最優質的教育機會,讓他們渡過一個值得回味的 童年,並順利升讀知名的本地或國際小學。

芬蘭教育制度舉世知名,學生能透過充滿趣味的學校經歷得到卓越成績。為 此,本校已和芬蘭教育機構「樂趣學院」簽訂合作協議,並得到芬蘭註港澳領 事Jari Sinkari先生全力支持,使本校成為香港第一間及唯一一所採用芬蘭式教學 法的幼稚園。芬蘭專家會和校長、教師緊密合作,提供專業培訓、課程套件、 教材及校園設施指引等。校園內的傢具、牆紙、教育設置,以至校服,均具芬 蘭特色。

為讓學生有最佳的學習環境,本校全面安裝來自芬蘭的空氣淨化系統,讓 學生每一刻呼吸清新潔淨空氣,提高學習效能。