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30 November 2017 - School Picnic
  • We had a fantastic day with lots of fun out in Jordan Valley Park last Thursday. Parents and children brought their packed lunch and had a lovely picnic. Thankfully, the weather was very nice and the children enjoyed their play outdoors.

27 November 2017 - Pet Shop
  • We visited the Pet Shop and we had a great time playing with the cute little dogs.

27 October 2017 - Park Visit
  • 老師和小朋友到佛光街公園進行科學探索活動。充滿好奇的小朋友利用放大鏡到處觀察花草、樹木和小昆蟲,除了尋找他們內心的答案外,還向老師提出不少的問題,透過親身體驗,掌握知識。此外,小朋友還與義工家長一同親親大自然,感受秋天的氣息和季節的變化。

    Children and teachers went to Fat Kwong Street Playground last week to explore scientifically. They observed the flowers, grass, trees and insects with magnifiers to search for answers to satisfy their curiosity. They learned through raising questions and gaining hands-on experience. Moreover, parents came as volunteers to enjoy the autumn breeze and the change of seasons, together with their beloved children.

24 October 2017 - Doctor Dogs Visit
  • 【親親狗醫生】

    Interactive activities are a main feature at Sky Wide, in line with our learning through play approach. Games and activities allow children to extend their knowledge and life experience and establish positive attitudes. Today we invited a professional pet trainer and two adorable doctor dogs to interact with our students, who learned to be caring, tender and respectful towards animals.

14 July 2017 - Kowloon Park Outing
  • 在剛過去的星期五,老師和小朋友們去了九龍公園感受大自然的氣息。孩子們看到了不同種類的生果,也明白了它們是由種子栽種而成的。除了植物,他們還在百鳥苑觀賞到多種鳥類,學會欣賞及愛護小動物,度過了一個充實的上午。

    Last Friday, we went to Kowloon Park to experience Green Education. Children saw many kinds of fruit and understood that these fruits are grown from seeds. After visiting the plants, we watched birds in the aviary and shared with children the message of protecting animals. It was truly a meaningful day.