Our Curriculum Goals


  • Facilitates students’ goal-setting and problem-solving, both independently and in collaboration with others.


  • 培育幼兒獨立地及與他人共同設定目標和解決問題。

Joy of learning through play

  • Promotes joy of learning by providing inspirational and creative games and activities.
  • Enables children to reach their full potential through play, the natural and most effective learning experience for whole person development.
  • Cultivates the love of learning and helps children become lifelong learners.


  • 提供激勵性和富創意的遊戲活動,讓幼兒享受學習的樂趣。
  • 透過遊戲—最自然和最有效的學習經驗,幼兒能夠充分發揮個人潛能,為日後的全人身心發展奠定基礎。
  • 幼兒從遊戲中體會到愉快學習真諦,從而發展持續學習,以至終身學習的精神。

Individualised and collaborative learning

  • Caters for children’s uniqueness by providing individualised learning pathways.
  • Enhances children’s collaboration, communication and exchange of ideas with others, through different media, materials from nature and daily life experience.


  • 尊重幼兒的獨特性,給予個別化的學習經歷。
  • 引導幼兒運用日常生活或大自然的各種媒介和事物,去學習與別人溝通、交流意見和合作。

Self-directed learning

  • Develops children’s curiosity to enhance their capability in self-directed learning and reflection.
  • Equips children with 21st Century skills and attributes through exploratory and self-directed learning.


  • 啟發幼兒的好奇心,讓他們懂得對身邊事物進行自發性的學習和反思。
  • 透過主動探索和自主學習,培養他們擁有21世紀的學習技能和態度。

Equality and respect for all

  • Cultivates children’s willingness and ability to respect one another and treat others equally.


  • 培養幼兒互相尊重和平等待人。

Overall Wellbeing

  • Promotes children’s physical, psychological and social health, growth and development.
  • Strengthens children’s healthy sense of self-esteem with the aid of positive learning experiences and opportunities for diverse interaction with other people.


  • 促進幼兒在體格、心理和社交層面的健康成長和發展。
  • 提供積極正面和富有互動性的集體學習經歷,藉以提昇幼兒的自尊感。