Our Educational Philosophy

The core task of pre-primary education is to promote children's growth, development and learning opportunities. Our mission is, in close partnership with parents, to support engagement, creativity and innovative thinking by providing a well-balanced system which incorporates academic, self-expressive and creative skills, inspired by the Finnish education system. Finland consistently tops international rankings in student achievement and is widely recognised as a world leader in education.


本校仝人致力為幼兒提供健康成長、發展和不斷學習的機會。我們的使命是與家長密切聯繫和合作,並採用芬蘭的教育理念,創造有意義的學習平台,啟發幼兒結合學術、自我表達和創意的技能,從而增進創造力和創新思維。 本校採用芬蘭教育模式。芬蘭學生的學習表現居世界前列,芬蘭教育被譽為擁有全球最成功教育體制。