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23 September 2017 Parent Talk
  • 本校非常榮幸邀請真道書院校長 曹希銓博士擔任本校「開放日」之主講嘉賓。在講座中,他分享了該校重視學生的學習動機及態度,而非過早掌握寫字或運算能力;這正與本校的教育理念不謀而合。

    We are honoured to have had Dr. Paul Cho of Logos Academy as our guest speaker last Saturday. In his talk, he stressed that, as a principal of a primary school, he values the learning attitude of a child more than his/her handwriting and mathematical abilities. We at Sky Wide adopt child-centred and play-based approaches in order to cultivate children’s learning motivation and raise them to become self-learners. In this way, the handwriting and mathematical skills are learned in a more confident and independent manner; learning that lasts, not memorised and then forgotten.

22 July 2017 Parent Talk
  • 我們的合作夥伴—「樂趣學院」的芬蘭幼教專家Ms. Saara Viteli在剛過去的天越開放日專程到港分享,吸引了不少家長前來,座無虛席。非常感謝Ms. Viteli抽空出席,她的介紹令家長對芬蘭教育模式有了初步的了解。我們希望讓更多人知道這種充滿樂趣的教學模式,讓孩子愉快學習。

    Finnish Early Childhood Educator Ms. Saara Viteli, of our professional partner organisation Fun Academy, came to Hong Kong to give a talk on the highly successful Finnish method of kindergarten education for our Open House. Her talk was well attended and, thanks to her, participants began to see what “Finnish education” really is. We hope this fun learning approach can be spread to more Hong Kong people and let their children enjoy the process of learning.

10 June 2017 Parent Talk
  • 於10/6開放日舉辦的家長講座,家長反應積極,亦好評不斷。在此,再次感謝保良局林文燦英文小學文校長抽空到校為家長講解有關升小銜接的資訊。今後,我們會與更多的國際學校和本地小學進行溝通,為我們的學生升讀小學作好準備。

    Our Open House on 10th June has received an overwhelming response, especially with reference to the talk given by Principal Man of LMC English Primary School. Parents gave very positive feedback and we record here once again our great appreciation to Principal Man for her detailed advice on how to prepare students for a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school. Her views very much support our approach to preparing Sky Wide students for their admission to P1. Going forward, we will continue to sustain close relationships with both international and local primary schools and we intend to host regular talks, starting in the near future.

13 May 2017 Parent Talk
  • 感謝各家長參與我們的開放日,是次讓每位小朋友進入我們的課室感受玩的樂趣,也展現給家長知道怎樣可讓小朋友透過玩去學習。在此,我們亦感謝優才書院陳校長到校為家長講解小一銜接的問題。如果家長錯過了是次的開放日,不用擔心,我們將於10/6/2017(星期六)再有開放日,欲想參加可致電或留言了解詳情。

    Thank you to all those who came to our Open House last Saturday. All the children experienced Fun Learning through participating in various activities, and parents were able to see how their little ones can learn happily and effectively through play.
    We would also like to thank Principal Chan of G.T. College for his meaningful talk on the transition from kindergarten to primary school.
    Those who were unable to join us for this event are welcome to join our next Open House on June 10th. For more details, please contact us via Facebook or by calling 2827 7868.